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We Care

I set up WeCare following my role as Global Director of Communications for Greenpeace.  I realised that I wanted to leverage my experience of working with stakeholders in media, private enterprise and also NGOs. I wanted to set something up that looked holistically at how all players can take responsibility to greater level and create brands that can bend and sway with social change so they remain current..

We help you define and communicate the holistic potential of your brand to maximize your competitive advantage. But there’s more. We also show you how to make your brand socially aware, in a way that fits with your company and values. These days corporate social responsibility can be tailored specifically to fit a business so that it makes sense internally and externally.

We’re very much about  facilitating meetings and relationships to motivate dialogues between people who might not normally have conversations. For example this might occur between an NGO and a business. Or between various groups within a business to help them understand a common goal via internal communication and staff engagement.

We work with talented individuals from all fields. Each has many years of experience so you always have senior people working on your projects. We’ll pull together the best, most appropriate team so that you get the skills and experience you need and nothing you don’t need.

You can find out more here.