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I am a passionate campaigner with core beliefs in environmental responsibility and social justice. Born in Italy, I have lived in the UK for twenty years, however my work has an international flavour. Originally a broadcast journalist, I spent several years at Mars Europe working in communications and organisational change. Following this I joined Greenpeace as Global Director of Communications. I have a deep understanding of the ways in which corporates and NGOs can work together to transform society and make lasting change.

I run my own consultancy, WeCare , advising both corporates and NGOs on developing and projecting an holistic brand voice as well as CSR and stakeholder engagement strategies. In addition, I am also a Trustee of charity Healthy Planet and sit on the advisory board of Greenpeace Italy.

I’m also the mother of two adopted children. My experience of the process led me to write a book about our attempts to adopt: Mexican Takeaway and to start a charity, Adopt A Better Way.  I’ve made numerous appearances on national television including BBC, Channel 4 and Sky and have been interviewed by  the press including The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Evening Standard.

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