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Children don’t need talk. They need loving families. And they needed Tim Loughton.

Since 2010 we’ve campaigned for changes to the adoption system.  This is a long game – and a slow one – but we’re very proud that our work has meant adoption is at the top of the government’s agenda, where it should. Our media exposure and sustained pressure on the government  meant there was a six percent rise in the number of adoptions last year.  From our small beginnings, we’ve made serious...
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Why we adopted in Mexico

People often ask me how we came to adopt in Mexico. I suppose the journey which led us there began many years ago in the two room flat where I grew up in Italy.  Aside from good brains and strong socialist leanings, my parents didn’t have much. They believed it was our responsibility to share whatever we had with others. And so it was that my brother and I found ourselves with an adopted...
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Adoption guidelines on race distract from system that is itself is suffering from neglect

Not much time passes these days without the Cameron government giving prominence to the importance of the family. The relative speed with which they have addressed the need to change the guidelines on interracial adoption is certainly to be welcomed. Black and mixed race children wait three times longer than white children to be adopted. For too long social workers in the UK have been...
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