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Mexican Takeaway

Having made the decision to adopt, Rick and I had a number of false starts before we realized that it was never going to happen within this country. So we decided to go international.

The road trip we found ourselves taking, both physically and emotionally, screamed out for a book. So I wrote Mexican Takeaway which is now in its second print run with a new edition encompassing the quest to adopt our second child too. You can check the reviews and the book on Amazon now.  It’s a travelogue as well as our personal journey, capturing the characters straight out of Hollywood central casting: the cowboys, the madwoman, the corrupt lawyers as well as the warmth, personality and quirks of this vast, complex country.

 Mexican Takeaway has resonated with thousands of people, not just those who have shared our experiences with adoption but also readers who simply enjoy a colourful, thrilling roller coaster ride.

I knew it would be hard to get something like this noticed in a world of genre books, so the positive reaction has been overwhelming.  Since writing it,  I’ve found myself on the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky News, various radio programmes and in a number of national and international newspaper articles. Naturally, I’ve used the opportunity to discuss the issues and problems with adoption. It’s not what I dreamed of when I wrote it but it now means that adoption is being talked about and the need for change is recognized.

Even if you know nothing about adoption and don’t really think about it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading Mexican Takeaway for the adventure it is: a rollercoaster tale of two grown up backpackers who quit their jobs and went in search of something special in a foreign land.