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Time for Cameron and Loughton to pay more than lip service to adoption

Yesterday I had an uplifting and inspirational chat with the one and only Bruce Oldfield, who has graciously been supporting my work on adoption. While we talked about the need for change, David Cameron was giving his Queen’s speech. Like many others I didn’t expect very much at all and I think we got even less. The London Independent newspaper put it perfectly: “Lots of style...
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What drives me on to transform adoption laws

I have been very touched by some of the comments posted in the Daily Mail by readers who have shared their frustrations about our flawed adoption system. It makes me all the more determined to campaign for reforms. Here are some that particularly moved me. It saddens me to read about their personal ordeals, it proves there is a lot of love out there for children who need it most: We started our...
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Media gets hot about adoption

In the past few days I have been interviewed a number of times regarding the unveiling of new data on the declining number of adoptions in the UK. This is an outrageous situation as we are talking about the lowest levels for a decade, despite both the increased number of children available for adoption and applications from potential adoptive parents. In many cases the parents-in-waiting have...
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