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My story in today’s Daily Mail

Following yesterday’s shocking headlines which reported that only 60 babies were adopted in England last year, I was asked by the Daily Mail to describe my experiences of adopting two babies in Mexico because of our failing system. This is what I wrote: We had to go to Mexico to escape UK’s twisted system: How one couple who wanted to adopt got round council bureaucracy Twice, my husband...
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Luca’s christening

Last weekend we gathered in Rome – well just outside actually- to christen seven-month old Luca. We wanted to christen him Catholic because it was a Catholic agency in Mexico that brought us all together. Now, I am Italian, and grew up in the madness that is Italy.  Sometimes, however, I still forget how they do things over there. We’d booked an agriturismo, where our international guests could...
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The couple who adopted abroad

This interview with Francesca about her adoption experience appeared in The Times magazine on 19 March. Author and adoption campaigner Francesca Polini, 41, and her husband, Rick, adopted their children, Gaia, 2, and Luca, 3 months, from Mexico after being turned down by their local authority for being “too white”. “My husband and I have always had an unconventional relationship, but travelling...
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