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Our Times story

It’s the second time within a month that our story has appeared in The Times, and I applaud their campaign for a radical review of our present adoption process in the UK. This is what The Times says about us today as part of their report about children in care facing “adoption apartheid”.: For Francesca Polini and her husband, Rick, the process was heartbreaking. They...
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The baby business – has it gone too far?

The case of the couple who paid a surrogate to have their fourth baby is disturbing in so many ways. As I understand the reports, the surrogate decided to keep the baby well before it was born. To further complicate matters, she has allegedly demanded money from the couple for ‘maintenance’, and it appears they have been ordered by the Child Support Agency to pay it. This is so complicated it is...
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The couple who adopted abroad

This interview with Francesca about her adoption experience appeared in The Times magazine on 19 March. Author and adoption campaigner Francesca Polini, 41, and her husband, Rick, adopted their children, Gaia, 2, and Luca, 3 months, from Mexico after being turned down by their local authority for being “too white”. “My husband and I have always had an unconventional relationship, but travelling...
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