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David Cameron urged to support adoption reforms

I would like to thank the London Evening Standard for highlighting my proposals for adoption reforms when I urged David Cameron to take action: “David Cameron needs to lead on this issue and our focus should be to put children first. That means doing away with a system that keeps children in neglect until it is often too late and focuses plainly and squarely on their needs. That...
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Martin Narey, the adoption czar

It’s been a week of significant moments, and not just for me. I am delighted to see that Martin Narey, a man who has displayed an unswerving commitment to highlighting children’s issues and campaigning, has been appointed as  the government’s adoption czar. There has been much talk about children in care this year and while I have felt positive, I have never been completely convinced. The news...
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John Bird, The Big Issue and adoptions

Last week I was invited to the launch of the Parliamentary Friends of The Big Issue. The Big Issue was started by John Bird as a way of getting homeless people back into work and into society. The event itself was low key however John made one of his inspiring speeches in which he spoke of the poverty trap, made worse by our current benefit system. It was this handout culture that prompted him,...
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