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Bruce Oldfield speaks out about adoption

Bruce Oldfield, the couture dress designer kindly contributed the foreword to my book. He reflects on his experiences as a foster child and the “obsessive bureaucracy” of our adoption system in the UK which is failing children. This is what he wrote: Common sense might suggest that the route to adoption should be as uncomplicated as possible but we now have a situation in the UK...
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My chat with Tim Loughton

A week ago I spoke to Tim Loughton, the Minister for Children. Tim is very approachable and very grounded. Moreover he’s done a great deal of fact finding about adoption, going out to meet the people concerned rather than just relying on second hand facts. (Other MPs please take note). All of this made for a good conversation, during which Tim told me about his aim to make the UK adoption system...
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Adoption guidelines on race distract from system that is itself is suffering from neglect

Not much time passes these days without the Cameron government giving prominence to the importance of the family. The relative speed with which they have addressed the need to change the guidelines on interracial adoption is certainly to be welcomed. Black and mixed race children wait three times longer than white children to be adopted. For too long social workers in the UK have been...
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