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Adopt a Better Way

Adopt a Better Way has a vision of an adoption that is considered an equally valid way of creating a family. We also campaign for an adoption system that enables children to have a loving and secure permanent family without undue obstacles and delays.

We work to influence the transformation of the broken UK adoption system, so that it works for the children it is supposed to help.

At present this is not the case. Rigour is essential yes but what we are currently dealing with is incompetence, bureaucracy and often, just ignorance on the part of the powers that be. Meanwhile, there are children languishing in care and people who want to give them a permanent stable home. We need to bring them together so that more children can grow up in loving families. This isn’t just for them: it’s better for society as well. Children in care are significantly prone to criminal activities, dropping out of school and psychological problems. And that impacts all of us.

Adopt A Better Way is about campaigning for a more humane adoption process, one that puts people at its heart.